Tips for Popping Pimples

p>No one likes to check themselves out in the mirror to find that there is a shiny red or white bump on their face. This is not only embarrassing, but really unsightly to look at. While most dermatologists and skin professionals will tell you to allow pimples to pop on their own, there are some people, that simply want a fast and effective solution. Before you begin popping and making matters worse, review this step by step process to being pimple free in a matter of minutes. There are a couple of over the counter acne products that can make things a lot easier for you.

First you need to purchase a pimple extractor. The best types are those from the beauty department. They are thin metal pieces with a hook on one end and a sharp needle on the other. The needle is used for popping the pimple, while the hook is used to remove the bacteria.

Next you want to make sure that you properly disinfect everything that you’re going to use on your face. This means using rubbing alcohol to disinfect the extractor, and washing your hands before beginning. This will prevent further outbreaks as well as prevent infection or further complications.

Prep your skin by washing it with warm water. Pimples pop a lot easier when your skin is soft and damp. Make sure you clean it well. Some prefer to steam their face by using a hot wash cloth and placing it over their face. leave it for about 15 minutes before removing.

Next you should only pop pimples that have a white or yellow head on them. Popping pimples that are reddish in color is never advised. They can end up getting larger and causing more pimples to spread around your face. Using the pointy end of the pimple extractor, pop the pimple and then use the hook to remove the gunk.

If the blackhead will not come out completely, don’t keep trying. Too much pressure on the pimple will only make matters worse. It will cause the skin to become more irritated which is grounds for scratching unnecessarily.

Finally, after you’ve popped all of the pimples on your face, disinfect the areas that you’ve just popped to prevent damage. You can do this with rubbing alcohol. Lastly, wash your face off again with a cleansing solution and warm water and moisturize your skin with a lotion or cream.

These tips will help you in properly popping unwanted pimples. Remember, if you’ve tried this solution with no such luck, you should not try to force the pimples out. Instead, allow the pimples to pop on their own as you conduct routine skincare regimens.